Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wood Stove Woes

So after having the chimney and wood stove cleaned on December 10th and having them back a week later when the stove was smoking us out of the house, when they put in a new ceramic fabric blanket in the top of the stove.
Two days later we're smoked out again. Now we're being told it could be the pecan tree next to the house. The same tree that was here when the stove and new chimney was installed in October 2006.
Wood burners, please give your opinions!



Blogger Ronni said...

Why would it be smoking, unless there is some obstruction in the chimney?

Can you cut the pecan tree back a little, maybe to the size it was when you first installed the stove, and see if that helps?

1/2/09, 4:22 AM  
Anonymous Chuck said... way that's the problem. More likely wood is not burning hot enough (green) or spark arrestor at top of chimney doesn't provide enough ventilation.

1/6/09, 4:47 PM  

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