Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Leaving Today...

In a few hours we are leaving to return the rental car and go to the airport. We've had a wonderful, relaxing time and time really flew. Next trip I won't bother with a car--we used it one day (other than to and from the hotel).

Yesterday we spent the day on Waikiki beach. We rented lounge chairs and read and relaxed and I went in the ocean. The water was awesome. We were going to go out on the catamaran again but it looked like rain so they closed up early and took the boat away. I was disappointed because when we went out the other day I didn't bring my camera as Paul thought it would get wet. We had a blissful 1 hour sail off of Waikiki with a gorgeous view of Diamondhead and the beaches here.

Right after we walked back to the hotel the skies opened and we had the first rain since we arrived. We ordered dinner delivered and just kicked back and went to bed early. I packed for the trip home and now I'm anxious to get home. Tomorrow we pick up Jade and spend 3-4 hours with her trainer and learn our part of her training. Thursday it's back to work and real life. Aloha.


Anonymous Skye said...

Back to reality, CG!

I hope you are feeling refreshed and ready to go.

10/12/06, 5:30 AM  

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