Monday, August 27, 2007

Water Flowing in Hooterville

The water hauling situation here is almost back to normal. After the fiasco caused by the state Department of Health, when not one bureaucrat thought about the families left without water, the county stepped up to the plate. The county had never been notified that this action was going down, BTW.

At last count, over $50,000 was spent bringing in water trucks and drinking water when the county declared a state of emergency. Our unpaid and unemployed water haulers rode shotgun with the county trucks showing them where their customers lived so that everyone would get their much needed water.

The CHP returned the confiscated water trucks and the county moved to put the haulers in touch with the small business loan agency to assist them in the event their trucks needed additional upgrades. Everyone that filed for their permit and submitted their fees was granted temporary permission to continue hauling water to the community.

Of course, this could have all been accomplished before the raid by the state and it would have avoided leaving people without water during one of the hottest months in the desert.

Lessons learned (I hope!): Enforce the law, but not at the expense of the health and welfare of the consituents.



Blogger Ronni said...

Yay! Ive been worried!

8/28/07, 7:07 AM  
Anonymous Sandi said...

Glad to see things are back to "normal" in Hooterville! Sometimes I don't think bureaucrats have a brain in their heads!

8/29/07, 8:27 PM  
Anonymous Mgt said...

Really great news about Dave. You must all be so relieved that he eventually got the correct diagnosis. Big sighs of relief all round!

8/30/07, 2:27 AM  

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