Saturday, September 15, 2007

17,000 Acres & Growing!

View today going into town...

Closer to town....

CDF staging at the park ready to defend us!

When I went to bed last night, the fire was 400-500 acres. When I got up this morning it was at 4,000. Now they are reporting it is 17,000 acres. Fawnskin and Green Valley Lake are being evacuated. We have voluntary evacuations here along the foothills.

They are using Tanker 910 (the DC10) to drop fire retardant on the line but from the pictures I've seen, they are using it on the mountain side...not the desert side where we are...yet.



Anonymous Sandi said...

Gee Sweetie, do you have a place where you two and your animals can go to be safe? I know you took in some horses a few yrs ago when there were fires nearby. Hope it doesn't come to that for you all. Be safe!
Hugs, Sandi

9/15/07, 10:09 PM  
Anonymous Jo Ann said...

Yes, CG, be safe! Family, pets, animals, etc. ALL!

Those fires have to be really frightening when they spread to such a wide area.
Take care,

9/17/07, 3:22 PM  

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