Thursday, August 06, 2009

Planes, trains and ... rickshaws??

Last Thursday I flew to NYC to attend Loretta's play, "The Smoking Diary" and host a luncheon for the networks on Friday at Rosie O'Grady's Restaurant in Manhattan.

The trip to NY went well! Wednesday night, Heather took me to Ontario and we had dinner at Benihana's and I stayed at the Hilton near the airport. My flight left on time and I was lucky to arrive and leave from the same terminal in Denver, a first for me!

The luncheon at ROG's was great! We had 40 people from all the networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and TheCW. It was great seeing so many people I have worked with all these years again. After lunch, Loretta and I cabbed it to my dub house, USA Studios and got the grand tour. Then drinks at a little Cuban bar/restaurant and a dash to the bank in the rain for an errand.

Leaving for the hotel, it really started pouring rain, so I grabbed a $4.00 umbrella (that broke in about 4 minutes, if that). Loretta tried hailing us a cab, but they zoomed by, all occupied, and we kept walking. Then one of the NYC bicycle rickshaws asked us if we wanted a ride. $20 and he'd take us to the hotel. What did we have to lose? What followed was one of the most hysterically funny rides I have ever had.

Loretta shot a video, but she hasn't uploaded it yet or I would share it with you. You had to be there to experience it. I could have reached out and touched the cabs as we zoomed around them in bumper to bumper gridlock. It amazed me that we didn't crash or get run over. I highly recommend trying it if you get the chance. Lots of fun!

My trip home was like the movie "Terminal". We got the shuttle to the airport from the hotel at 11:35am Sunday, plenty of time for our afternoon flights. We arrived at LGA and I did the curb baggage check in and they told me my 3pm flight was delayed an hour. Still I had plenty of time for my connecting flight at DFW. No worries.

A few minutes later Loretta got a message on her cell phone from American Airlines that her flight to Cleveland was cancelled! We tore into the terminal to check the monitors and sure enough, the flight to Cleveland was cancelled and mine was delayed from 4pm to 5pm. We were told to get in line and handed a piece of paper with an 800# to see if other arrangements could be made. Unfortunately, no other flights were leaving DFW that night to ONT and they suggested staying overnight in NYC and take a flight out the next day. Nope! I would rather fly from DFW and be closer to home than spend another whole day traveling, so I finally took off at 7:25pm for Dallas. Loretta stayed in NYC another night and flew home Monday.

I was updating my Facebook the entire time, and had no idea that Ronni (Ronni's Rants) decided to drive up from RR/Austin to meet me at DFW! What a great surprise! I got to ride in the famous Miata! Wheeeeeeee!! We ended up staying up until about 4:30am and had a great time! I caught my flight the next morning and Heather picked me up and it was good to be back home and out of airports.

Flying is no fun anymore. If you forget to bring food, you only have the option of buying (no cash-CC only) what they call snacks, and they sell you a set of earphones for $2 that came apart the minute I used them and I feared I'd have to have surgery to remove them if I dared to use them again.

Other than the travel part, I really enjoyed my trip to NYC, but I'm ready for a cruise!



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