Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blogging with my feet up!

Yesterday,  I had been sitting on the couch in the afternoon when something caught my eye at the bottom of my sliding glass door.  Upon second glance I got chills up my spine when I realized what was peeking in my door was a snake.  I got up and approached the door and it was a pretty good sized gopher snake.  Marking and coloring resemble rattlesnakes but the shape of the head and the round  eyes/pupils were non-poisonous.  

I've been watching for snakes for a couple of weeks but this was the first one I've seen.  Living in the desert you have to make a conscious effort to watch for them.  That means when you open the door to go outside until you come back inside, you have to keep watch.  

I didn't want my cat Sonny to kill it (gopher snakes are good to have around) but he was out and about.  Meanwhile the snake was moving towards the steps, going around a small statue on the porch and a few minutes later Sonny arrived.  I opened the slider and he was approaching the snake cautiously.  The snake started to hiss at him and Sonny backed away and let it be.   Smart cat.  I called Paul to warn him so he wouldn't get surprised when he came back to the house.

But---I'm not even safe in the house---because last night Sonny caught a mouse and brought it in the living room.  I tried to get him to take it outside and went towards the door to open it and he dropped it.   You know, I can still move pretty darn fast for an old woman!  I made it to the couch and pulled my feet up under me.  Sonny found it again behind the television and, well, I won't go into the rest.  

It's all part of living in Hooterville surrounded by desert and critters.  Especially in the Spring. 



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