Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm having a new roof put on the house and the roofers got here this morning about 8am-ish. I also had a conference call with clients scheduled for 9am.

Got up early to get Bo fed and give him his meds (he got neutered Tuesday and is supposed to be "quiet" for 7 days~that's another story!), and started to check my emails. Laptop Outlook Express was not resonding. Damn! So, I went to the HP pc and the same thing happened with Outlook on that desktop. WTH??

Rebooted both and the PC was stalled: Windows is shutting down. Five minutes later it still hadn't shut down so I did a hard shutdown. Turned it back on and got the blue screen. Wouldn't boot up. Wouldn't allow me to boot in safe-mode either. Crap!

So I called my tech, Tommy and his wife just had a baby yesterday but, bless his heart, he came over just as I was ending my conference call. Ever had a conference call with five guys tearing off your roof and your pug going nutz barking? Well, I have.

Tommy ended up taking out my hard drive and putting it in a USB HD reader and we hooked it up to my laptop and crossed our fingers! Everything was there, so he thinks it might be a motherboard issue.

Oh, and Renee was here cleaning the house so we had the vacuum going in addition to the roofers and woofers. I don't think I can remember having such a crazy, stressful morning in quite awhile.



Anonymous Chuck said...

How could Bo be quiet when all he could hear is "Roof, Roof"?

Hope you get your computer back online soon...that's a bummer big time although without a computer, you may have time to clean your own house:)

Love ya,

1/15/10, 3:51 PM  
Blogger loretta said...

Windows sux.

Next time, I'm getting a Mac. I have had innumerable issues with all my PCs and I will never buy another one. I've had two die this year. One I resurrected, one is DOA. I cannabilized the desktop, bought a cheap used Dell and rebuilt it with new RAM and the wireless. It's good enough for Lauren's use, but I still have to try and salvage what's on the hard drive. It was an XP Pro I had from 2003 that I used all through the blog days.

Before it crashed, I was able to save most of the important docs on disk and transferred them to the newer Vista I have.

But, all sorts of stuff is on there that I can't retrieve yet.

My rebuilt Dell laptop bit the dust, too. It had two viruses (thanks to the kids) that I was able to fix awhile ago, but another one got it and killed it dead. I hate people who create viruses! But, they don't create them for Macs nearly as much.

3/12/10, 6:15 PM  

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