Friday, August 12, 2005

My Tonka

Tonka is my baby. He's 6 years old and he has the sweetest temperament. I had him trained by a wonderful horsewoman when I first bought him. Tragically, she died of a sudden heart attack a little over a year ago. Terri was magic with horses. She trained with patience and love and I'm forever grateful to her and miss her very much. She had just started me in the round pen on Tonka when she died. I have ridden all my life but had never had a horse that was trained to turn by leg pressure or knew how to sidepass. Terri taught Tonka all these things. I have a teenager coming over now to work him out in the roundpen so that I can get back to riding. I'm aching to get back in the saddle and take our horses out camping in our trailer, but I'm also not 15 either.


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