Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Walgreens Rant!

My doctor's office called my drugstore this morning to see if they would accept a prescription via fax if they would follow up with a FedEx overnight of the hard copy. I ran out of my pain meds at 11:30 this morning. The pharmacist told my doctor's office that they weren't comfortable doing that since I had filled my prescription on Saturday.

Let's review the circumstances, shall we? I had surgery on 3/23 and again on 3/30. I hadn't healed from the first surgery when I had the second one. After the first surgery my doctor prescribed Vicodin and after the second one she prescribed Percocet, which is stronger.

The doseage is 1-2 tablets every 4 hours as needed for pain. Well, I have had tons of pain so I was taking the prescribed 2 tablets every 4 hours after I got out of the hospital on Saturday.

I write down the date and time and number of pills so that I can make sure I don't take too many or too little because if I wait too long the pain really gets to me and it takes about an hour for them to really work.

Ok, so Saturday 4/01, when I got home I took:
1 pill 3:30pm
1 pill 5:52pm

At that point I knew I had to take 2 pills at a time every 4 hours because 1 did not even take the edge off.

2 pills 9pm

2 pills 5:30am
2 pills 11am
2 pills 3pm
2 pills 7pm
2 pills 10:37pm

2 pills 6:49am
2 pills 10:24am
2 pills 4:08pm
2 pills 8:00pm
2 pills 11:30pm

2 pills 5:38am
2 pills 10:30am
1 pill 12:30pm
1 pill 1:30pm
2 pills 3:30pm
2 pills 7:48pm
2 pills 10:30pm

2 pills 7:15am
2 pills 11:35am

Other than yesterday when I had severe pain and had to take an extra pill between doses, I have followed the prescribed dosage almost to the letter.

Thankfully my PCP is writing a prescription today that my husband will pick up and take to Walgreens and hopefully bring home before I am climbing the walls.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my dear countrygirl, have you ran out of pain med? Dear God I feel bad for you. I sure hope you have got some pain med and relief since you wrote this. I have 2 chronic pain diseases and sure know it sucks to be left in pain. These pharmacies bug me when they do things like that, for goodness sakes the doctor should know when it is ok to give you more meds and the pharmacy refuses them. It is crazy, I know I have been through it. I will pray for you dear that your pain gets better and your health problems inprove. God bless Laurie (I read Loretta's blog everyday and come here quite often these days)

4/24/06, 6:28 PM  
Blogger CountryGirl said...

Hi Laurie and thank you! I haven't felt like updating my blog lately but will soon. My surgeon called my primary care doctor here in town and she took care of me that very day! Paul came home just as the 4 hours were up after I had taken my last 2 pills.

I am now down to taking one or two a day so I'm finally healing and over the hard part. Thanks so much for asking.

4/24/06, 6:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh your quite welcome. I just realised it was from earlier in the month. I hope all is going well with you and will keep you in my prayers.


4/24/06, 6:40 PM  

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