Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Day Sucked, How About Yours?

Friday I had the phone company send a repair guy out. Periodically there would be a loud screech on the line and the call would drop. I always thought the problem was on my oldest daughter's phone line (it only happened when I was on with her) until it happened when she called me from her cell phone. So, I call in for repair.

They send the guy out and he's nice enough, but he can't find anything wrong with my phone lines. Finally he tests the jack in the living room upstairs (remember, my house is upside down) and says, "Here's your problem!" He says it's my Telemarketer Zapper I got from Radio Shack. I told him I highly doubted it because the tone from that is at the beginning of the call--before you even pick up the line--and not while you are on the phone. But, hey! I'm not a trained telephone repairperson, so we disconnected the TZ and plugged the phone directly into the jack.

After he left, a few hours later, I notice I had voice mails. I didn't hear the phone ring and I was right here in the house. So, I check my voice mails and find out my phones are not ringing upstairs. The ones downstairs were ringing, but I couldn't hear them up here. So I call phone repair. They have me plug the downstairs phone into the upstairs jack, etc and tell me my problem is with my equipment. (No comments, please!) I told them my phones were ringing before he came out to 'fix' my phone line so they scheduled repair to come back on Monday (yesterday).

Meanwhile, I went out and bought new a new Panasonic phone with extra handset this weekend. Brought them in, charged them and called my home line from my work line. They rang! Ok, so I admit it could have been a coincidence (I really don't believe in coincidences) so I called the phone company and cancelled the repair for Monday.

Yep, you guessed it! A few hours later I had voice mails! My new phones weren't ringing now either. I had to call and re-schedule my repair and now Monday was booked; they had to come back today. Same guy. He can't figure out why they aren't ringing and of course, says it's my equipment! I show him the old phones and the new phone box and he goes outside, down to the corner phone post, back outside, back up here and he's turning off phone jacks and testing everything. Finally he plugged my new phone into my internet phone line (I have many phone lines!) and of course the damn phone rang! He now says I have too many phones. What? There weren't too many on Friday when he 'fixed' my phone line!

He had me unplug my phone line from my DirecTV box and from the spare fax by my desk. Then he told me that if these were the problem I will just have to not use those lines. I said, "Well, that's like saying I can fix the problem by canceling my phone service too, right?" WTF!

So we ended up unplugging the downstairs phones that were ringing and putting my old phones down there, with the new phones upstairs. I told him I thought he needed to discuss this with the office (read: somebody smarter than he is!) to get this working.

Workwise, I was up to my eyeballs and of course my printer jammed. The extent of paper jam info in my printer manual was: don't let your printer jam. I finally got it unjammed using tweezers of all things! Then I ran out of black ink. I had to get up and have a cig and walk around a bit before I hurt somebody.

Hope your day was better!


Anonymous Sandi said...

Too many phone lines, that's like having too many shoes, too many purses! LOL I do believe we have quite a few too. We had to have two lines connected to the Dish receivers in the family room and bedroom, I have a line in my computer room with my fax machine on it and now that I have DSL, I don't tie up my phone line, but my fax machine will not work with my answering machine in the bedroom, so I have to disconnect it. Then we have a line in the living room too. Whew...how many is that? I've lost count! Sandi

8/8/06, 5:51 PM  
Blogger Ronni said...

Repairmen always seem to think we are stupid.

8/8/06, 9:32 PM  
Anonymous Nadine said...

Ahh, technology. Don't you just love it?

8/9/06, 6:12 PM  

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