Friday, December 01, 2006

Can It Get More Fun??

So, we're supposed to leave first thing in the morning for Lost Wages to meet friends for Cowboy Christmas shopping, visit Bass Pro, and just have some fun gambling, etc.

About a half-hour ago, Paul grabbed the flashlight and casually said to me that there was 'water on the floor of the bathroom this morning'. Water? I go in and look, never noticing anything at all today. I said, 'near the sink, shower or toilet?' and then realized he had gone downstairs.

The dreaded bathroom/laundry room downstairs. The bathroom I never use. So I go down there to see that the cold water to the washer is leaking. Friday night. Friday flipping night before our trip and he couldn't have remembered to tell me this morning? Wake me up at 6am or call me from work and tell me?

We can't get the damn faucet shut off. It's older than the desert itself and the pipes down there are the old galvanized pipes. We had to shut off the water to the house to stop the leaking and call my handyman. He's on his way and hopefully he can just cap the pipe so we can turn the water back on and deal with it next week. Heaven knows I don't need an excuse to not do laundry, but this would be a good one.

I am not happy with hubby right now. So if we do go to Vegas and only one of us comes back, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Right?

Update: New cold water faucet installed. Water to the house back on. Hubby still alive.


Anonymous Sandi said...

Never, ever a dull moment at your house. Maybe you will break the bank in have already had your bad luck!

12/2/06, 7:29 AM  

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