Friday, January 25, 2008

My New Toy!

Well I did it! I have finally joined the HiDefinition Generation and it's about time! With Superbowl XLII coming up next weekend I thought that would be a good time to go HD for the game. More and more of my clients are producing their commercials in HD and I need to be able to view them on the air.

I bought the LG 42" Plasma 1080p. Business wise, I have to be up on all the HD formats (720P, 1080I) and each tape format as well. Then there is letterbox, pillar-box, center-cut protection. Sheesh! We've come a long way since I started in television and went from the old 2" quad machines to 1". But then, I started back when we weren't even broadcasting everything in color. God, I'm OLD!



Anonymous moi said...

God, I'm OLD too, CG and very impressed that you can keep up with all this techno-boom. I would love to know more about what it is you do with all these commercials and & etc. What a beautiful place you have. I adore your colors. So, tell me, are you having a bit of our storms and rain? Have a cozy week-end.

1/25/08, 4:41 PM  
Blogger CountryGirl said...

We've had sprinkles of rain and no snow that was forecasted--yet. It warmed up a bit today but is pretty chilly here tonight. I just lit a fire in the wood stove to warm the place up.

As for my job, I get commercials on the air. I do network/legal clearances because commercials have to be approved before they can go on the air on many networks. Then I make sure they the the right format to air on their network or station, and finally I send instructions to tell them what they need to air for the programs that are purchased by the client's media buyer/agency. It's alot of last minute rushing and lots of details because each network is different.

It's fast paced and challenging and I love doing it!

1/25/08, 10:55 PM  

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