Friday, June 08, 2012

Dome on the Rock

Paul and I bought our retirement home in January.  He won't retire until 2014 but we thought we would start looking anyway.  I wanted to live on the lake.  I love the desert but we don't need 30 acres when we retire, although he would never consent to a "neighborhood".  We found the best of both worlds when we saw a property on the lake sitting on 5.6 acres of "lakefront".  It's on a finger/cove on Table Rock Lake which is boat traffic on the main lake to deal with in the summer...yet the water is in our backyard.  And it is a dome!  We're talking living "green" in a big way!!
We call it the Dome on the Rock.  Until he retires it will be our vacation home.  I'm having a great time coming up with ideas for the interior and exterior--some of which will have to wait until we are there full time. 


Anonymous chuck said...

Wow..bright colors. It probably looks like a purple bra from the air.

8/14/12, 4:28 PM  

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