Sunday, May 09, 2010

Where did April go?

The girls and I went to Hollywood Park's Kentucky Derby Day and had a great time. I even wore my big hat! Bet on Calvin and he brought it home; what a great jockey!

I've been so busy, I don't know where time has gone. Work has been keeping me busy, busy (which I love) and I have a new granddaughter who is growing every day. She's a sweet baby.
We're all looking forward to next month's trip to Branson for my nephew's wedding and being with family.



Blogger The Crosses said...

Hi Pat,

I am sure you don't want to hear from me, but I found this by accident. I never did make it to TN, but I am getting a divorce after 13 years.

You look great.

I just want to tell you that I will always miss you, and that you are always in my heart. I think that you are one of the most amazing and special people God has ever created. I wish you nothing but the best. Don't worry about blocking me, I promise this will be the last time you will hear from me.
I am sorry.

10/11/10, 8:05 PM  

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