Saturday, August 13, 2005

10 Ways To Know If You Are Married To A Unicowboy

1) He has an aversion to corkscrews...thinks the best wine comes with a screw-off cap. [Technophobic]

2) Believes that women get their exercise putting the seat back down on the toilet. [Hemananiac]

3) Won’t watch a movie less than 20 years old unless it’s “Lonesome Dove” or “Tremors I”. [Thinks they’re classics!]

4) Can’t read the 8"x10” list of “honey-do’s” on the refridgerator door, even though he opens it regularly to get a cold one! [Ray Charles syndrome]

5) His idea of “living off the land” is growing his own hops! [always wants to be your “bud”]

6) Feels he’s communicating with you if he grunts at least twice during a commercial break of his favorite tv show! [but he talks during the entire show you are trying to watch!!!]

7) Always buys you tack for your birthday! [but never skips a page in your new “Victoria’s Secret” catalog!!]

8) Thinks a “weed whacker” is a DEA agent!

9) His idea of “taking out the trash” is a night at the Buckin’ Horse Saloon with you!

10) Has a bumper sticker on his pickup truck that says: “Beer Belly on Board”


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