Thursday, March 26, 2009

And that, your honor...

So tonight as I was sitting down with my dinner, such as it was, I heard cursing from the kitchen. Against my better judgment, I went out to see what happened. Unfortunately, I was bare footed and I soon found out that Paul had coffee grounds all over the kitchen floor (and the counter and in the sink). He was making coffee for morning and as he was putting the basket into the coffee maker, he hit the basket on the top of the coffee pot and spilled grounds everywhere.

So I grabbed the dustpan and broom to clean up the floor and he put the whole coffee maker in the sink to flush out the grounds. He flushed them alright. All over the place. And as he was doing that, he was tracking coffee grounds as I was trying to sweep them up. Grrrrrrrrrrr!

Ok, I got the counter pretty well cleaned up, and the floor and he was filling the water container to pour into the coffee pot. As I was cleaning the pot, water started pouring out of the back of the coffee maker. What??? Yes, there is a small hole on the back of the coffee maker. What is it for you ask? It's for if you overfill the water reservoir of the coffee maker. Yep! He had overfilled it. And it was peeing all over me and the counter.

And that, your honor, is when I killed him. (Not really, but the night isn't over yet......)



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