Thursday, March 19, 2009

That was the week that was...

I took my daughters to Laughlin (or as Sean called it Loft Land) March 6th-8th for our girls' weekend. Gamble (didn't win), eating (oh yeah!) and shopping at the outlet mall. We had a great time. Got home Sunday evening and immediately noticed that Tonka, my paint, wasn't feeling well. Everyone else was eating and he was lying down. By Monday morning I knew he had colic so I called the vet immediately.

She had two emergencies before me so she didn't get here until about 2 o'clock. By then, we moved him to a 24x24 corral so he was away from feed and his buddy, Ranger.

Long story short, we almost lost him. My vet treated him but thought he had a stone and needed surgery ($5-$10K) at a hospital down the hill (not her hospital, she doesn't have one). Not having that kind of money lying around, we took our chances with treatment here at home. Paul gave him his shots and meds and I watched him 24/7. My good friend came over Tuesday and we got some watered-down bran mash down him using my turkey baster. Enough to keep his energy up. He finally let loose about an hour later and we were on the upswing.

He's doing great now, thank God! I had lots of support and prayers from my pug forum friends and my RL friends as well. Thank you all.



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