Monday, October 03, 2005

BBQ-ing in Baghdad

Sunday, October 2nd 2005:

Hey again,

Last night's BBQ was eventful. First of all, we had a power problem and the wet trailer (trailer with water and plumbing) kept tripping the circuit breaker and eventually took out the external lights in the quad (the area where the sleeping quarters are for my office mates).

3 Haji's finally showed up to fix the electrical but they were in the parking lot because none of them brought a flashlight. I had to excort them with my fixed flashlight to the breaker box and they disconnected some wires then left. This didn't help us out with lighting.

The BBQ was going but you couldn't see anything without a flashlight so a fire was required. All we could find to burn were pallets and diesel so we had a bon fire thanks to who ever owned the pallets down the road (see attached photo).

The brisket was great and so was the BBQ sauce Ricky Bob cooked for 2 days in the coffee maker.

See you soon, Love Ya,


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