Monday, October 10, 2005

Get Out There!!

Royal Caribbean's Monarch of the Seas was the site of a great girlfriend getaway this weekend! I charged up my Mavica and left my disks at home (yep, on the top of the dresser--right where I found them when I got back home today), so you'll just have to look at the ship compliments of the pictures I scanned here.

We had such a great time! Penny made a DVD of the old company Christmas party shows we put on years ago and we all laughed and talked about the 'old days' in our stateroom. There were six of us: Annie, Donna, Lynn, Nancy, PJ (Penny) and me. I lost my voice pretty much by the first night, but that didn't stop me from talking.

Saturday was our sea day, Sunday was Ensenada and we shopped and had a great lunch, margueritas and guacamole and chips. Saturday, a man in his 70's won the men's bellyflop competition (in a shirt and slacks no less). The two top decks were cheering him on: Arnold! Arnold! Arnold! as he was awarded the gold medal over his soaking clothes and USC cap.

Last night, we shared a last drink at the beautiful Viking Crown Lounge (far end of the ship, bottom picture) that holds a 360 degree view of the ship and the ocean. We watched the Yankee-Angels playoff game after PJ reprogrammed the tv up there (no remote control) to get the game on for us! Yay, PJ! Sorry, Angels. Good luck tonight, ok?

Lynn and PJ were the cruise directors--keeping us updated on all the various activities, too numerous to attend--although I think Lynn gave it her best shot. Annie even hit a 900 quarter jackpot last night on the slot machine in the casino as she was waiting for me to grab some last minute gifts.

To all who couldn't make it, you missed a great time. See you 'out there' next year!


Anonymous donna said...

Pat's voice did falter - ok, ok. we told her it was the smoking!!!
Pat believes her voice is not used to talking as much as we did because she works alone! What do you think?
Pat kept her hands on the charge cards so all her kids, grandkids would have special gifts from this wonderful trip.
Although people say you can never go back..we managed to renew old friendships and relive some funny, warm moments in our lives.

Again, thanks for all the great memories!!

10/10/05, 5:40 PM  
Anonymous Bobbi said...

I so wish I was there.

11/23/05, 9:38 PM  

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