Sunday, June 11, 2006

Horse Trailer Is Home!

Interior of the horse trailer: bed is at the top of the photo, dinette is behind me out of frame. Stove on left, ice box on the right. Actually we camp without electricity and I like an ice box better. I freeze a large square plastic container and put it in the ice box so nothing melts inside and I can re-freeze it for each trip. No muss, no fuss.
The new paint job looks awesome! The front is the living quarters with the bed over the goose neck (front). Behind the LQ entry door are built in tack areas for our saddles and bridles and behind that are two divided stalls for the boys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The trailer looks great! (of course, you should have submitted the "before" picture! LOL)

When we used to camp (60's-70's) I would freeze gallon milk jugs for coolers. They really came in handy, no melting onto food, fresh drinking water and one time, radiator water!


Hubs is adorable - a manly man for sure.

6/13/06, 3:27 AM  

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