Monday, September 15, 2008

The Sully Awakening

I’ve read Andrew Sullivan off and on since 2004 and watched his appearances on Bill Maher’s HBO show (BTW, he’s on again Friday, September 19th).

Since he’s taken on the blatent dishonesty of the McCain/Palin ticket, his blog has been de-linked by most of the right-wing blogosphere.

If you haven’t read his blog, The Daily Dish, please check it out and tune into HBO Friday night to see him on Bill Maher. You be the judge.



Anonymous Chuck said...

There's plenty of blatent dishonesty in the Obama/Biden ticket as well, it's not one-sided. Every general election has political ads that take things out of context or go over-the-top. We all need to screen the ads for the source as well. Many extreme ads on both sides aren't coming from the campaigns...

That said, I equate Bill Maher to Rush Limbaugh and take each with a grain of sand.

9/23/08, 9:26 AM  

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