Friday, February 24, 2006

It's a Dog's Life

Jade was snoring in her kennel today and I was able to sneak out and snap a picture of her with her puppy in bed taking her nap.

Jade is really getting big! She was 3 pounds when I got her and she is now 7.5 pounds of romping, stomping Pug puppy. She and Sonny have so much fun together playing. Sonny has met his match and Gray (my older cat) is so happy Sonny has someone else to chase and torment!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Here She Is....Miss Hooterville!


Hi, it's me...Adie.

I wore a dress today to Los Angeles and spent a delightful afternoon at Nana's Garden (actress Connie Steven's day spa, boutique) where they had a wonderful family concert and pizza shindig!

I sparkled in my little Levi Strauss dress with the butterfly motiff. I will be one month old on Thursday, February 9th and I am turning into quite the little social butterfly.

On Sunday, we shopped at Target (Tar-gey), where we had a brief snack and pit stop (diaper change) in the outdoor furniture display area. So much nicer than a restroom and we had the area all to ourself! Mom and Grandma just pulled the stroller in there and fold it down and voila! diaper changing area. Grandma can sit comfortably on a cushioned loveseat and mom on a chair and my stroller works nicely as a changing table.

I'm stylin'!!