Friday, February 27, 2009

iMac is coming

I'm switching from pc to mac this weekend. Heaven help me! I figure it this way: my pc is over 3 years old and that's about how long they last the way I beat them up, so if I have to learn something new (like Vista) I might as well learn the mac.

I haven't had the best luck with computers lately after the major email problems I had when Outlook Express took a dump, so I am hopeful this will go easier. I have a mac specialist coming out this weekend to move all my data and get me all set up. I hope there is time for tutorial as well, but if not I'll have to learn it on my own---just like the pc.

When I moved out here in June '92 I had my memory typewriter. Yep. I had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the pc. Seriously. When the old company shipped my new Dell it sat in boxes for a week or so. I finally unpacked it and set it up. Easy. Turned it on and turned it back off. Finally I had a quick lesson in Word and voila! From that day forward I put the typewriter in the closet. So I guess I can manage to learn the iMac. How hard could it be?

We'll find out!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

I am soooo behind! Where did January go?

Let's see. In January grandson Sean turned 11; granddaughter Adeline turned 3. Oldest daughter Shannon had a birthday and so did brother Don.

Chyna has had health issues and may have IBS or IBD. She's on prescription food and meds and acidophiles. It seems to be helping. Xrays, blood tests, etc were negative. I won't be putting her through a biopsy unless things take a drastic turn. So far, so good.

Had the downstairs "go to hell" room turned back into a guest room. It turned out great and I got a flat panel tv/dvd combo for the room and the grand kids love it.

My fax machine is still down there. It makes me have to get up from my pc and go up and down the stairs several times a day. Good exercise too. I'm switching to the iMac the end of the month. I've had it in a box for awhile but didn't want to be switching and on a learning curve during the Disney Superbowl campaign. Work has finally slowed a bit so now is a good time to switch. I figure since my HP is three years old and that's how long my last pc lasted before it fried, if I was going to learn something new (ie Vista) it might as well be iMac.

Brother Chuck is coming next weekend! Haven't seen him since I went back to spend a week with family on the lake last year. He's coming out on business for a week. I really want to go see his new digs in Alabama one of these days and go out on his new boat. Maybe take a road trip and see some of the south that I haven't seen.