Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cameron Brown Murder Trial

I have been a true crime buff for many years. I have read most of Ann Rule's books (Small Sacrifices, etc). Novels have always left me cold.

I believe the old adage that truth is stranger than fiction, and having followed a few cases, some solved (Laci Peterson) some not (JonBenet Ramsey), and this past year I have been following the Lauren Key-Marer case. Lauren's biological father, Cameron Brown, is on trial in a Torrance, California courtroom for murder.

Cameron Brown is accused of throwing/pushing his 4-year old daughter Lauren from the top of Inspiration Point in Palos Verdes, California.

The link below will take you to a picture of IP and you can click on it for more detail.

Inspiration Point

I have purchased the trial transcripts for the first 3 days:

THURSDAY - 06/15/06
DA Craig Hum & Defense Attorney Mark Geragos

First Witness: Sarah Key-Marer (Lauren's mother)

FRIDAY 06/16/06
Witness: Sarah-Key Marer

TUESDAY 06/27/06
Witness: Sarah Key Marer

If you are interested in reading the transcripts for any or all of these days, we are asking for $20 per day to cover the cost only. They are very expensive and I can't hand them out like I did with the 2-day Grand Jury transcripts.

If we can get 10 people to donate $20 per day for each day, we can mostly cover the costs.

Loretta is offering her Paypal account to handle the transactions. I paid for the transcripts up front today and I will let everyone know when I receive them. They will be via email so you don't have to print them out.

You can use Paypal to pay - log into Paypal

And use Loretta's email address (lorettas2 (at) cox dot net) and pay through there.

In the notes section make sure you tell her which day(s) you want and she or I will forward you an electronic copy of the transcript(s) you request.

Let's try to cover the costs before we start sharing them for free. Otherwise, we will not be able to afford them. Thanks!

If we receive more than 10 subscribers per day, we can roll the extra towards Hayes's testimony and other important testimony ahead and charge less per day for those, depending on what they cost.

Anyone who purchases the trial transcript(s) and does not have a copy of the transcripts for the Grand Jury, please let Loretta or myself know and we will send those to you at no charge via email.

Leave a comment if you have a question.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Lukas & Jade...

Yesterday afternoon was a steamer here in Hooterville. We had Lukas overnight. I only had the little wading pool handy, but better than nothing.

Friday, June 23, 2006

It Takes An Ovary!

This post is for the females in my audience. Cabinets are slamming and curse words are flying so stupidly I asked what was going on. "I can't find the *&%^$#@* Tylenol!"

Hubby is hot, cranky and in pain (did I mention cranky?) and he can't take Advil because he has to take yet another medical test and Advil is just one of the many things on the lists that he has to avoid three days before and during the test.

And he can't seem to see the Tylenol bottle (giant size) sitting on the shelf in the bathroom cabinet about 2 inches above his eye level. So he has to call in the ovaries. Ovaries can find anything, did you know that? Even if you no longer have them, if you EVER had them, they can still find things. They are homing devices to obvious articles that are invisible to men (at least my man) .

While I was writing this, I also had to show him for the four thousandth time how to use the buttons on the microwave for speed defrost.

Ovaries to the rescue!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Meme for Friends, Family & Lurkers

Ok, I would like everyone (including my lurkers) to answer this meme I ripped off from Lisa (The Lisa Life):

1) Who are you?
2) Are we friends?
3) When and how did we meet?
4) Did or do you have a crush on me?
5) Would you kiss me?
6) Describe me in one word.
7) What is your first impression of me?
8) Do you still think that now?
9) What reminds you of me?
10) If you could give me anything, what would it be?
11) How well do you know me?.
12) When was the last time you saw me?
13) Have you ever wanted to tell me something and felt that you couldn't?
14) Are you going to put this on your blog or journal or in an email to see what I say?

Copy/paste and answer in the comment section.


This is my paint, Tonka. He wouldn't stop long enough to pose for my camera.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Getting Ready for the 4th

We're getting the horse trailer ready for the July 4th weekend. Our friends, Lloyd & D'Anne, and another couple I haven't met yet are all going to camp with our horses at the Mojave river in an equestrian camp.

Paul isn't going to ride yet because of ongoing neck problems, but I am going to be riding for the first time since my trainer Terri died 2 years ago. She was just getting me on Tonka when she died suddenly in her early 40s. Terri was one of the most gifted horsewomen I have ever known. She trained with love and patience and she was showing me some of the training she put on Tonka (turning with leg pressure, etc) and she was just at the point with him that I was supposed to start riding him. I hope she will be with me in spirit when I take him out on the trail.

We bought a new generator for the horse trailer because there are no hookups where we camp (just water) and it has been in the 100s here so we need to be able to run the a/c. Of course, we've run into a problem with the electrical so we're replacing the plug going into the LQ and I hope that solves it. If not I might have to go to plan B (use the generator to power a portable cooler) at least for that weekend.

Our roof vents were leaking before we had it painted so we had 2 new vents installed and I'm replacing all the bedding in the LQ including a new mattress, pillows, sheets and comforter. There's not much more to be replaced. We looked at new horse trailers a year ago and of course the one I wanted was $60K. Ours is old but it's paid for and I just can't justify a new one just to gain a shower.

We have a bathroom (toilet) but no shower, so I'll continue to use our solar shower. It works really good.
You fill the bag with water and place it on the hood of the truck and the sun heats the water. It has a hook and I sweep out one of the horse stalls in the back of the trailer, wear my flip flops and hang the bag up and close the stall door and I have a private shower!

We have portable corrals that we take so when we pull in the first thing we do is set them up, and unload the horses and provide water. We use those big plastic tubs with rope handles for water--they are perfect. That way our horses don't have to be tied to the trailer and can lay down if they wish (and roll when we get back from a ride).

We cook in the big firepit at the campground and whoever gets up first makes the coffee. At night we build a big campfire. If I can get Tonka in the river without freaking him out, the weekend will be a success.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Miss Hooterville Baby!

Adie in her new bathing suit and hat from Gymboree!
She just started her Mommy & Me class and today she was on a kick-board and noodle. Tomorrow she learns to hold her breath. She has grandma's olive skin.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Horse Trailer Is Home!

Interior of the horse trailer: bed is at the top of the photo, dinette is behind me out of frame. Stove on left, ice box on the right. Actually we camp without electricity and I like an ice box better. I freeze a large square plastic container and put it in the ice box so nothing melts inside and I can re-freeze it for each trip. No muss, no fuss.
The new paint job looks awesome! The front is the living quarters with the bed over the goose neck (front). Behind the LQ entry door are built in tack areas for our saddles and bridles and behind that are two divided stalls for the boys.

Back When We Were Dating!


Here's a picture I found tacked up inside the horse trailer when we got it back today. Yeeeeee Hawwww! Back from a ride at Sharon's house. Those were the days! Every weekend was a ride or campout and dancing. Where did the time go?

Friday, June 02, 2006

Mice Belong Outside!

Sonny is a mouser. He's an Ace when it comes to catching mice. From the day I brought him home, he has earned his keep. When you live in the desert with a butte behind your house and acres of desert surrounding your house, you have mice. Sonny has pretty much rid my house of mice and I'm grateful. We had a really wet winter a year ago and with rain comes critters.

Tonight he was scratching at the slider wanting in and I opened the door without turning on the porch light first. Wrong!!

In he ran with a mouse in his mouth. Unfortunately I didn't notice that little fact until I was back on the couch and he brought it over near my feet. Yikes!

I told him he had to take it right back outside and ran back (yes I can move fast when motivated) and opened the slider and got him and his little catch back on the porch. He's out there now scratching to get me to open the door again.

Not going to happen until he decides to leave his catch outside. Ah, life in Hooterville!