Friday, April 11, 2008

Here Come Da Boyz

I'm so excited! Next Sunday is my annual BROTHERS BBQ. Each year before brother Don goes home to SW Missouri I have a day with my brothers.

Brother Chuck will be coming, hopefully for the whole week-end, and on Sunday we'll all be together. We toss steaks on the grill, have a few brewskis, and laugh and just enjoy being together.

Last year we flew back and spent a week together at Tablerock lake and it was so much fun. We all shared a house and the two boats and other water toys out there, and each night we took turns cooking dinner for everyone. We will definitely do that again.


I Haven't Forgotten

I haven't blogged about it in quite awhile. After the hung jury in August 2006 (shaking my head here) there hasn't been too much to say. Court dates come and go and it seems the second trial for Cameron Brown will never arrive. I am still holding out for justice.

I had a visit here from Polo Ralph Lauren after a Google search for "Lauren candles". Obviously looking for their product or illegal sales, or whatever. What they found was this. I wonder what they thought when they saw her angelic face. I wonder if they will wish, as I do, for comfort for Sarah, Lauren's mother. I wonder.

I wait. But I have never forgotten.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Happy First Birthday Chyna Jade

Today is Chyna's first birthday! Her staples are out but she is still pretty much confined to her ex-pen in the living room until May 1st---eight weeks after her LP surgery.

Today, I put up a baby gate and let her come in the kitchen with me for a little bit. I hate leaving her in the living room but we've come this far and can't risk injury to her knee. She did start to run around a little and I had to calm her down.

Poor baby doesn't understand why she can't tear around the house like she used to do.